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- Mr Cheah Kwan Seng
- Mr Jerome Sim
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I've just got my Gearbox repaired, unlike other workshops keep telling me to changed a new one without further inspecting.
KLH technicians are helpful enough to test and troubleshoot my Gearbox with minor repair cost. Excellent service team!
- Mr Wong, Johor Bahru
KLH Auto is the best, the service is great and the mechanics are pleasant and professional. I would highly recommend KLH Auto workshop.
- Peter, Pontian
I've got my gearbox fixed at Kim Lai Huat recently. A very detailed workshop, taking his time explained to me the causes and more important is they are also capable to repair gearbox.
Thank you very much keep up the good work.
- Mr Tan, Singapore
The technician will check your car and tell you exactly what you need to fix. KLH workshop is honest, staffs are knowledgeable, patient and helpful too.
- Alan, Singapore
We've been using them for years and even provide SMS reminder services to remind us to bring back our car for services.
Staffs are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and well-deserved recognition for their customer service.
- Amanda, Johor Bahru
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