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Why autogear spoil?
90% of autogear spoil is because of ATF overheating and less of service AT.
The original ATF cooler (Warmer) is hiding in the radiator, and cool down the ATF thru water. As we know the water temperature is maintained in 85’c – 102’c, so that the normal ATF temperature will catch in 110’c during normal drive.
The fast you drive, the temp will goes up.
When the ATF temp goes up to
  • 116’c, the vanishes form will starting goes off.
  • 127’c, the rubber seal will starting harden.
  • 146’c, the plastic will slip.
  • 157’c, the seal and clutches will burn out.
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Cannot move in the morning?
Mostly the Seal are harden, inside gearbox.
The seal is function to piston to engage the clutch, if the seal harden, then the oil cannot be fill up the piston, so that the clutch won’t move.
But when the fluid become thicker after warm up, then your car can go like normal.
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How long need to be change ATF?
100,000km for earlier vehicle, 20,000km for EFI vehicle.
In the earlier vehicle, they will ask you service the ATF around 100,000km.
But due to the Hi-technology powered vehcle, the ATF temp is going hot faster, highly recommend 20,000km service the ATF, because we got the “youngest” gearbox, spoil at 42,000km from new car.
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How long need to be change ATF filter?
Recommend 40,000km for a ATF filter change.
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Where is the ATF filter?
Some ATF filter is hiding in the gearbox.
Some ATF filter is external type for easy change.
Some ATF filter is hiding in deep of gearbox, and have to take out whole gearbox for changing.
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What is overdrive? O/D OFF?
Overdrive is the highest gear in your transmission. In automatics, that is generally 4th gear. Overdrives allows you to operate your vehicle at highway speeds, with a reduced RPM, allowing you to get better comsumption and reduce the noise in the engine.
7 )
How to protect and make it long lasting?
Highly recommend install a external ATF cooler.
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I've just got my Gearbox required, unlike other workshops keep telling me to changed a new one without further inspecting.
KLH technicians are helpful enough to test and troubleshoot my Gearbox with minor repair cost.
Excellent service team!
- Mr Wong
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